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CCBAG_0953 Brett Broadens Jeff’s Horizons Part 18-Sam Smith

Brett’s back with a topic Jeff requested. Plus, we learn something new about Brett’s past.

New at Playvolution HQ: Happy Sand Play Daddy

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Child Care Bar And Grill
Child Care Bar And Grill
Explorations Early Learning

A humorous, informative, and slightly irreverent podcast for child care providers and other early learning professionals hosted by Jeff A Johnson, Lisa Murphy, Kristen Peterson, Samantha Balch, and Nicole Halton.


Brett Sandstrom
Brett Sandstrom

Brett was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, but did most of her growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota. She graduated from high school in 2011 and from there took a gap year, during which time she volunteered in Cambodia for three months and traveled throughout Southeast Asia and Australia. It was on this journey that Brett’s passion for working with young children was solidified. While seeing amazing temples and beaches, she found herself constantly missing working with the children in the orphanage every day. Upon returning stateside, Brett pursued a degree in Early Childhood Studies at Plymouth State University, focusing on Early Care and Education as well as Early Intervention, and received a minor in Child and Family Studies with the Social Work department. In 2016, Brett graduated as that year’s Outstanding Early Childhood Studies Major. Brett now lives in Franklin with her husband, Brent. They spend lots of time in nature and with friends.

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Jeff Johnson is an early learning trainer, podcaster, and author who founded Explorations Early Learning, Playvolution HQ, and Play Haven.


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