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Welcome to the Child Care Bar And Grill Podcast.

A humorous, informative, and slightly irreverent podcast for child care providers and other early learning professionals hosted by Jeff A Johnson, Lisa Murphy, Kristen Peterson, Samantha Balch, and Nicole Halton. We’ve released over 700 episodes of this show since January 2013–that’s over 250 hours of mostly early learning conversation. Mostly–because we also talk about pillows, flip-flops, hot flashes, rashes, grocery store etiquette, food, cocktails, and other things that pop up and grab our attention.

This show contains adult language and topics from time-to-time. If you’re offended by such things, or easily offended in general, you shouldn’t listen. One new listener shared that the show had “just the right amount of swearing”.

Please share your thoughts, questions, and topic suggestions in the comments section below.

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Child Care Bar And Grill Episodes

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angela bodini

I am so sad I did not link into the live zoom. I have found that the weapons conversation needs to include respect as the parent may be in the armed forces so we can’t say bad. There is an opportunity to learn about the weapon in an engineering science scene. this can bring in language of permission and consent like any rough and tumble. play therapy and sand box therapy is important so what small world can you create to act out moments. As weapons are apart of your society they need to build safety. Take up the opportunity… Read more »

Rebecca Goulet

I unleashed the colored masking tape into the block area today. Thought they’d be into using it with blocks but instead they made an obstacle course!