The name Playvolution HQ is short for Play Revolution Headquarters.

The Beginning

Playvolution HQ was founded by Jeff A Johnson and Tasha A Johnson, owners of Explorations Early Learning in 2017 as an early learning information hub for parents and caregivers.

The site’s goal is to curate trusted and useful information on play, child care, parenting, and all things early childhood. Jeff and Tasha had shared such content on the Playvolution HQ Facebook page for years an wanted it all to have a home away from social media where it was tagged, categorized, organized, and easily searchable.

The Now

There’s now a fair amount of content to search. Playvolution HQ currently has over 10,000 pages of articles, podcasts, quotes, free downloads, book recommendations, and more. New items are added daily.

The Future

As time and resources allow, the plan is to continue adding content, including more original articles, more free document templates and other downloads, sample program policies, and more.

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I'm an early learning speaker, podcaster, content creator, author, and founder of Playvolution HQ and Explorations Early Learning.