Kith and Kin Child Care

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Kith and Kin Child Care

Kith and Kin Child Care refers to an informal child care arrangement in which child care is provided by a friend or family member. Such care usually takes place in the child’s home or the home of the friend or family member. Such care arrangements are often exempt from state child care licensing. Kith and kin care may be done for free or there may be a fee. Kith and kin care may be a short term arrangement (When mom starts a new job, three year old Jenna stays with a neighbor until a spot opens in a local center care) or it may be a long term care situation (From infancy to the time he starts school, Sam stays with his grandparents while mom works ).

The PDF below takes a look at kith and kin research. The document is from 2001, so it is dated, but the reality is that, like most types of child care, kith and kin care is under-researched. If you know of a more recent overview of this type of care that we should link to, please contact us.


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