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Here’s a free downloadable PDF form to help you plan changes to your play environment. Below the PDF, we’ll take a quick walk through the form and explain it a bit.




In this box, enter the goal you have for your play environment. Keep it simple, clear, and doable. Some examples: “provide a wider variety of blocks”, “remove the kitchen set from the dramatic play area so the kids have more space, or “reduce the number of transitions in the morning schedule”.


Next, list the resources needed to accomplish your goal. The things you need may be tangible, like more blocks or someone to hall away the kitchen set, or intangible, like schedule-change-buy-in from coworkers and the program’s director.

Taking the time to make an accurate list will reduce surprises as you move head in your plan.

Action Steps

Now, list the specific steps you’ll need to take to accomplish your goal. For example, “get approval to add more types of blocks”, “acquire funding for additional blocks”, “have kids help pick out new types of blocks”, “order new blocks”, and “add new blocks to block area.” For each action step, you should set a realistic start date and deadline. These dates will give you a timeline for your goal. You should try to stick to them, but they can be adjusted as needed.

The form has room for six steps. You can list more on the back of the sheet if needed, but if your goal requires more than six steps, you might want to consider breaking it up into multiple goals.

For example, the action steps outlined above for adding more blocks may be too simple. In reality, getting approval to add more blocks may be one goal, acquiring funding may be another, and selecting/ordering the blocks a third–each with its own action steps.


Implementing change can be difficult–the uncertainty of it is unsettling and there never seems to be enough time, energy, or resources. This form is an organizational tool we hope helps you arrange your thoughts and move ahead so your goals become accomplishments.


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