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DIY | Two Ingredient Play Dough

Here’s a simple two ingredient sensory play dough that kids will enjoy making and playing with. If you want to color it, you will need to add a third ingredient, but it’s still pretty easy to mix up quickly and get into the hands of kids.

DIY | Sidewalk Chalk

This do it yourself project outlines the process for making your own sidewalk chalk. Buying ready made chalk is easier, but making it offers up lots of learning opportunities.

DIY | Milk Jug Sensory Play Scoops

These do it yourself scoops are super quick and easy to make from milk jugs or similar containers and work well sensory tub play, water play, snow play, and similar activities.

DIY | Cornstarch And Vinegar Paint

Here’s a quick and simple do it yourself paint idea. We like it because there are only a couple of ingredients, it’s simple to make, and you end up with vibrant colors.

DIY | Floam

Overview Floam is an engaging sensory play mixture that can be rolled, sliced, mashed, shaped, and mixed. Making it and playing with it offer kids

DIY | Finger Paint

Finger painting is a wonderful activity for sensory integration. Here’s a quick and simple DIY recipe for finger paint that’ll lead to fun and creative sensory and messy play. This recipe can also be diluted with water for paintbrush painting.

DIY | Kid Friendly Glowing Ice Cubes

If playing with ice cubes is fun, playing with glowing ice cubes is superfun. Here’s how: You’ll Need Vitamin B-50, 2 capsules Plastic bag (maybe)

DIY | Kid Friendly Glow Water

Here’s a real simple process for adding a bit of glow to sensory play. Supplies Vitamin B-50, 2 capsules Plastic Bag (maybe) Wooden Spoon (maybe)

The Artful Parent | Splat Painting

Splat painting is easy peasy and super fun for active kids. This simple action art activity involves hitting paint-soaked cotton balls with a small mallet.

DIY | Ice Cube Blocks

Playing with ice cube blocks is fun sensory activity full of learning potential. These blocks are equally fun on a hot summer day or in mid-winter. Here’s a look at some things to consider when making ice cube blocks.

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