Thousands of teachers caught cheating to improve exam results

Thousands of teachers have been caught cheating to try to improve their pupils’ test results, figures from one of the country’s leading exam boards show. Nearly 2,300 malpractice offences were committed by staff in educational institutions offering OCR exams between 2012 and 2016, according to data obtained through a freedom of information request by the Sunday Times. More than half of the teachers committing malpractice offences were accused of providing “improper assistance” to students taking exams. In comparison, there were 3,603 cases of candidates being caught cheating over the same period.

Can a Test Ever Be Fair? How Today’s Standardized Tests Get Made.

After politics and religion, few issues are as contentious as standardized tests. Opinions run the gamut. To some, standardized testing overwhelms our schools and helps eradicate differences between students. For others, they remain the best way to compare students objectively and hold schools accountable. Whatever your thoughts, there’s no denying that students are taking lots of tests. Two years ago, U.S. students were taking about eight tests a year.