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Unschooled | Quote 02756
Today, many parents and educators are rejecting the myth that people need to be schooled in order to learn. They are replacing an outdated, Industrial Age schooling model of education with a new learning one fit for the Imagination Age—the new era beyond the information age when creativity and ingenuity will be our key cultural and economic drivers.
MBC_0062 Craft Fair Field Trip Part 1
Amanda enters one of her creations in a craft fair, Becky chaperones some tweens, and Clare shops for a cheap transporter.
The Homework Myth | Quote 02755
Among the reasons homework is seen to be useful is that it develops “work-related skills that can transfer to adult occupations.” So perhaps all the talk about homework’s value at promoting good work habits is actually less about what children need than about what their future employers need.
CCBAG_0656 Ellen Sandseter’s 6 Categories Of Risky Play Part 1
We discuss the first 3 of Ellen Sandseter’s 6 Categories Of Risky Play.
This free downloadable PDF highlights ten common early childhood schemas.
Handout | Ten Common Early Childhood Schemas
This free downloadable PDF highlights ten common early childhood schemas.
Free Range Learning | Quote 02754
Studies show that insufficient play hinders child development in areas such as emotional health, language, social skills, creativity, confidence, motivation and learning. Our children become more fully themselves as they grow and mature playfully. It’s an essential function of childhood.
Folk Tale | The Adventures of a Fisherman’s Son
From Tales of Giants from Brazil by Elsie Spicer Eells (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, Inc., 1918) Long ago there was a man and
The Uses Of Enchantment | Quote 02753
Fairy tales are unique, not only as a form of literature, but as works of art which are fully comprehensible to the child, as no other form of art is. As with all great art, the fairy tale’s deepest meaning will be different for each person, and different for the same person at various moments in his life. The child will extract different meaning from the same fairy tale, depending on his interests and needs of the moment. When given the chance, he will return to the same tale when he is ready to enlarge on old meanings, or replace
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RR_0169 Parent Play Evolution With Jan Waters And Stephanie Rottmayer Part 1
Jan Waters And Stephanie Rottmayer from Heather's childhood preschool, SYC, join us to talk about how parents grow to understand play in their program.
The Secret Of Childhood | Quote 02752
The child’s sensibility to order has two simultaneous aspects; the outer, which concerns relations between the parts of his environment, the inner, which gives him a sense of the parts of his body, their movements and position.
Nursery Rhymes | Taffy was a Welshman
Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief; Taffy came to my house And stole a piece of beef. I went to Taffy’s house, Taffy
CCBAG_0655 Creating A Process Art Space
We talk talk about setting up a processed-focused space for crafts and creations.

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