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Have you ever watched or listened to a teacher or caregiver and thought, “You don’t even sound like you like children. Why on earth do you choose to spend your days with them?”

Have you ever listened to an adult talk to a child and thought, “Clearly, you see this child as an inconvenience. Why do this to yourself?”

I have. And it hurts my heart.

I get it. Everyone has a bad day here and there and I certainly have moments I wish I could take back in my long history with young children. But it’s also true that some people just should not work with children.

I think some people who go in to early care and education do it because they grew up loving to play school, and instead of looking at that experience as some really cool dramatic play, they accepted it as a calling. “I’ve wanted to be a teacher my whole life.”

Dude, no. You liked playing school.

I think some people honestly go in to the work because they, consciously or unconsciously, need the power that comes with bossing children around. I think I can say with certainty that’s not an ideal situation for children to be in. I am equally confident it is not an ideal situation, from a fulfilled and peaceful life perspective, for the grown ups.

Why are you doing the work? What stresses you out in a typical day with young children? What brings you satisfaction?

Which list is longer?

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