Who Will Your Kids Meet Today?

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Be the type of person you want to meet. Imagine that today is the first day of school. What impression do you want to give to your children and their families? The answer should hopefully be the same impression that we strive to give every day, but sometimes life gets in the way and it can be hard to be so shiny and new. ????

You may be starting to feel the stress of Christmas, but I implore you to stay motivated and think about how the children in your class felt when they first met you. They want to meet that excited, keen, happy-go-lucky person who cares about them every single day. ????

Be that ray of sunshine today and every day for those kiddos You might just be the person they meet that changes their lives forever. ????

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Emma is The Play Coach who loves everything and anything to do with play. Play is children's work and she thinks it should be adult's work too. Connect with Emma for consultations and trainings that promote wonder, joy and well-being through the power of play.

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