Time for Self-Care

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“But I don’t have time for self-care!” ????????
This is the number one reason I hear from teachers I coach about how hard it is to practice self-care. Time is always an issue for everyone, not just educators. We always feel like we never have enough to do all the things we need (want?) to do.
You could schedule in a spa day or an epic lie-in by *making* time in your busy schedule…but if you are already struggling for time, is this really feasible? Is this something that if you do once in a blue moon, is it actually going to have much of an effect? ????
The best type of long-lasting self-care comes from embedding it into your every day routines. Since moving to the US and living in ???? THE HEAT ???? I’ve *had* to increase my water intake because when I don’t, I get major headaches and sickness and general malaise that wipes me out for days. It’s awful! I’ve now put drinking water into my daily routine – I keep my water cup next to my house keys so I have no excuse to not fill it up, or at least take it with me and fill it up at my destination. It’s a tiny thing, but it has made such a difference to my daily water intake.
And now, thanks to the awesome Carrie, I have a brand new super shiny cup that makes this self-care routine a little more fun! ???????????? Adding playful items into your every day is guaranteed to give you a smile when you least expect it! ????

Tell me some of your self-care habits that you have put into your daily routine. Maybe your tip will spark an idea in somebody else and help them out! ❤️

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