The Power of Free Will

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I’ve been to some Conscious Discipline training today in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was the first day of a total of six. I’m going to share some things from each day and hope to have some discussions with you about what you think as well! ????????

The main message from today is about the “Power of Free Will” which states: “The only person I can make change is myself.” When you think about this in terms of education, you may have heard words like these – “Stop doing that! You’re making me mad! I’m gonna call your parents if you keep carrying on like this.” (it’s OK if you have heard yourself do this, we’ve all been there!)

This Power of Free Will helps us to see these statements for what they really are saying:

✋ ‘Stop doing that’ = doesn’t teach what the child should do instead.

???? ‘You’re making me mad’ = gives the child control of your feelings.

???? ‘I’m gonna call your parents if you keep carrying on like this’ = is a threat that overpowers a child.

Some of these statements may make a child change their behaviour – but it is likely to be changed from a place of fear. Fear of getting into more trouble, fear of upsetting you, fear of not being able to do the right thing because they do not know what else to do. ????

Wouldn’t you rather want that child to change their behaviour by understanding a skill that you can share with them? This way they are able to change from within and make better choices in the future, with practice and coaching from you. ????‍????

“I understand that when I choose to believe others are making me behave certain ways, I give my power away, stress my body, and set myself up to blame and punish others for my actions. I am willing to take responsibility for MY CHOICES instead.” ❤️

Think back and reflect on a time when you have perhaps given your power away. How did that happen? What would you do differently if you could have been in charge of your own feelings? Leave a comment below and let’s reflect! ????

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