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Welcome to The Implementing Change Workgroup!

This is an experiment. The plan is for this workgroup to offer informal peer support to early learning professionals and parents seeking to implement change in the way they care for themselves, or the way they care for the children in their lives.

At this point, you may want to check out this post that originally introduced The Implementing Change Workgroup.

Making change is challenging. It’s hard to do on your own. Three things that seem to help are:

  • Publicly declaring what you want to change and your intention to make that change.
  • Holding yourself accountable to others.
  • Having a dependable support system.

The plan is for this workgroup to be a place where interested people can come together and work at change. Here’s how:

Make A Declaration

Use the comment section below to declare what you want to change.

The more specific the declaration the better–it’s best to limit the scope of the change so that you’re not setting yourself up for failure by taking on too much at once. Start small. Make it doable.

For example, “I’m going to have more patience with my kids” is pretty general and covers a lot of ground. Something more like, “I’m going to stop yelling at my kids when I feel rushed on hectic weekday mornings” is more specific.

After you get in the habit of not yelling when the kids dawdle over their morning bowls of SugerMunchies, you can move on to another bit of change you’d like to make.

Be Accountable

After making your public declaration, you can use the comments section of this page to check in. Let the group know how your efforts are proceeding. Did you make it out of the house without yelling today? Did you catch yourself mid-yell and then modulate your tone when First Born Child wiped her maple syrup covered hands on the cat?

Knowing that you’re expected to check in and be accountable for your actions can help you be more mindful in the moment. “I really want to yell about the sticky cat BUT I don’t want to tell everyone I yelled about the sticky cat because I no longer want to be Yelling Mom.

Receive (And Give) Support

The comment section on this page can also be a place to reach out for support in your efforts to change: “What’s the best way to get syrup out of cat fur?” and to cheer on and lift up your peers as they try to make their own changes: “Three days in a row without stopping at Doughnut Mountain for a Fudge Yummy Breakfast Explosion on your way to work! Congratulations!”

Firm Foundation

Another key to making lasting change is to stick to it. To keep moving forward. It takes daily effort to develop the new habits necessary and to make the desired change part of your life.

Our hope here at Playvolution HQ is that this workgroup becomes a solid foundation for supporting your efforts at implementing change.

To make that a bit easier, we’re even setting up a daily Implementing Change Workgroup Reminder email for anyone who thinks it’d be helpful. It’ll just be quick reminder to keep moving forward and to check in here with an update. You can sign up here (there are other mailing lists you can join at the link too).

Positive And Kind

At the moment those are the only rules we have for what happens here: Be Positive and Be Kind. Hopefully that will be enough.

Will It Work?

Who knows? The only way to find out is to jump in and give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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Monica Morrell
Monica Morrell

With my new position, I work from 8:30-2:00 and usually only have time to eat a quick snack while the children eat lunch around 12:00. This means I get home around 2:20 and then I eat more than I normally would.

I will find a way to eat a substantial healthy lunch when the children eat by not reading as many books during lunch time or just engage in conversations at the table instead.

Tasha Johnson
Tasha Johnson

Aloha, joining in to get myself on track to getting to the gym to lift weights, again. It’s been on my mind & I thought January would be a good time to start back up. But the thought was still there “nagging” so I figured why not Just Go! now & that’s what I did on Monday. I felt better for going & the nagging thought subsided. My thinking being even if I just make it one day a week it’s better than nothing. Also, marking it on my calendar as a visual reminder that I did do it helps… Read more »

Monica Morrell
Monica Morrell

Tasha, Thanks for sharing and way to go! Visual reminders and starting small is something WW suggests and I find helpful as well. I tend to get overwhelmed when trying to think of all I’d like to change or a total amount of weight I still have left to loose. When I think about it as a journey and that there will be slip ups and try not to beat myself up about it, I gain more strength to continue moving forward.


Monica, thank you. It definitely is a journey!
Made it to the gym twice last week, woohoo! Also discovered that going to the gym before a run NOT a good idea, lesson learned. Run first, gym second lol
Here’s to week two????


Aloha, update on how gym time is going. Just completed day 7 this morning, so doing well with my 2020 goals. Even added a yoga session, 20mins on 1 day so that’s something too. Now to keep it up which I have a strong feeling I will. Feeling good. Wishing you all the best on your journeys!

Monica Morrell
Monica Morrell

Tasha, that sounds great! I need to make a plan to add walking in nature more. Trying the self care notebook that Jeff talked about in his burnout webinar the other day and my list of what I do for myself is slim compared to the list of at least 20 things I do for my family and children I work with.

LaNora Gallo
LaNora Gallo

I declare to try to figure out how the implementing change workgroup operates, so that I can make other goals for the year as I go. First and foremost, am I in the right place?