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Please Stop Over-scheduling Your Child Because You Need Friends

I was recently interviewed about a non-profit group that I’m part of that focuses on the connections and camaraderie of motherhood – mom to mom. In other words, “my mommy group.” It occurred to me that this is the key to my moms’ group that is very different from other groups I see advertised. I think the reason is meaningful enough to share with all of you too.

Who Will Your Kids Meet Today?

Be the type of person you want to meet. Imagine that today is the first day of school. What impression do you want to give

You Liked Playing School

Have you ever watched or listened to a teacher or caregiver and thought, “You don’t even sound like you like children. Why on earth do

The Implementing Change Workgroup

Welcome to The Implementing Change Workgroup! This is an experiment. The plan is for this workgroup to offer informal peer support to early learning professionals

When we stop saying “NO”

Quite a few years ago now (and as I was just calculating back, it is a few more than I thought!)…. but anyway – quite a ‘number’ of years ago now, I set tracks to participating in my very first action research project.  I’ve been involved in quite a few more since – but this particular one, aside of being the first and a very significant learning curve for me, has almost set the tone for the way I play….. (substitute “work”)….. with young children.  And ironically enough – the broad topic of this project was – yep, you guessed it – PLAY.

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