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If we use techniques today that control our children in an attempt to make them mind, we will be in trouble when we got old and this next generation has learned (because we spent years teaching them) how to control those weaker than themselves. I’ll guarantee you, when we are old, those weaker than them will be us. I won’t do to a child at seven something I wouldn’t want done to me at seventy. It’s hard to imagine my grown child putting me on a sticker contract for getting out of bed, dressed, and to breakfast on time in the morning when I am seventy years old. “Come on, Mom. Remember, if you get up on the first call, get dressed by yourself, and show up for breakfast on time, I will give you five stars. You can put those five stars on the chart we put up on your bedroom wall. If you get twenty-five stars by Friday, you can redeem those stars for a trip to the bingo hall with your friends.”

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Barbara Coloroso


Kids Are Worth It!

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