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I’m starting a fire in the woods, while happy sounds of children echo through the forest. They are immersed in free play. Well  .  .  . most of them. A young girl approaches me as I start lining up biscuits for the children to roast when they get hungry. “I’m bored,” she complains. I look around the woods and see groups of children catching frogs in the marsh, others are working as a team to create a fort using sticks and transparent blankets, and still others are huddled in the corner, captivated by some sort of play scheme. “What’s next on the agenda?” she asks. My eyes drift back to the little girl in front of me. She is six years old and stands firm with her hands on her hips. “It is time for free play,” I say, without giving it much thought. “There’s no schedule.”

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Angela Hanscom


Balanced and Barefoot

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