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Progressive Mealtimes: Are they right for your service?

I clearly remember my first ever practicum at an early childhood service, while I was completing my studies. It was a long day care service, open long hours and with several rooms in operation. There was a kitchen and a central dining area, and for a chunk of time in the middle of the day, each room (with the exception of the nursery) would take it in turns to head to the dining area, where the children were served a hot meal.

Uncovering myths of early childhood education

In our anxiety to give our children the best chance of a bright future, we focus on the narrow goals of academic learning and preparation for school rather than preparation for life.

For those trying to navigate the sea of parenting and educational advice, the answers to these two questions are important: What do we actually know about young children as learners and human beings and what can we do to revise some urban myths about what young children need from us?

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