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In preparation for recording another in-studio batch of Child Care Bar And Grill podcast episodes with my early learning buddy Lisa ‘The Ooey Gooey Lady’ Murphy I took a look back at the over 460 episodes we’ve done over the last 4 or 5 years. My trip into the archive reminded me that the series of episodes we recorded focusing on listener-submitted stupid rules (or Stoopid Rulz) where both a ton of fun to record and some of our most downloaded episodes.

I think the sheer abundance of stupid rule examples submitted (we did 16 episodes) when we put out the call on social media attests to how infantilized, untrusted, and micromanaged many early learning professionals feel as they go about their work. Many thoughtful, competent, dedicated, and capable caregivers are emotionally exhausted by the weight of it all. It’s hard to tune in and meet children’s needs in the Here and Now when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder worried that a scolding educrat is going to swoop down, red pen in hand, to reprimand you for letting the kids put their feet in the sandbox, be in the presence of a dangerous aluminum foil box, or stand on a chair to reach a paper towel.

We do need rules and regulations–but maybe they could be just a tad more developmentally appropriate and thoughtful?

Here are links to the Stoopid Rulz episodes. If you give them a listen and find you’re dealing with a stupid rule we didn’t address, post about it in the comments. I’m sure there will be a Stoopid Rulz 17 at some point:

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