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The goal of the Perspectives project is to collect the thoughts, insights, stories, musing, and perspectives of a wide variety of early learning professionals in video and audio formats and share them with parents and caregivers as tools for personal reflection, information, and growth.

Make a Video or Audio Submission

Videos can be uploaded here.

Recording Notes

  • Keep it short—submissions should be no longer than 3.5 minutes. Through trial and error we’ve found this is the sweet spot for this project.
  • Make videos landscape—if you’re recording video with a smartphone or tablet, make sure your device is rotated like this:

not this:

  • Tell a story—Make sure your recording has a Beginning (set the stage), Middle (something happens), and End (resolution is reached)
  • Share your world—To date, most of our episodes have been ‘talking head’ type videos. That doesn’t have to be the case for your submission. Share a Cool Thing from your program, demonstrate how to make your favorite sensory play concoction, or talk to a peer.
  • Give it time—We’ve learned that creating recordings like this can be hard. It’s scary. People tend to hate the way they look and sound. Relax, know others feel this way, and practice a bit. After a few takes you’ll probably be more comfortable with the process.
  • Check the archive—Need ideas or inspiration? Check out past episodes of Perspectives.
  • Format it–Submissions must be in .mp4 video format.


You can contact us with questions.

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