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Playvolution HQ searched the interwebs for comprehensive collection of sample polices that we could share as a resource for our readers, but we were underwhelmed with what we found.

Since we didn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to start building it. We envisioned an exhaustive collection of sample policies that educators and administrators could easily access to view policies from other programs, compare wording and strategies, and reflect on what to include in their own handbooks.

We also wanted policies to be easy to browse and search and we wanted browsers and searchers to be able to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas about each policy

noun: policy; plural noun: policies
a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual.

origin: late Middle English: from Old French policie ‘civil administration’, via Latin from Greek politeia ‘citizenship’, from politēs ‘citizen’, from polis ‘city’.

Creating, reviewing, or updating policies for Parent, Staff, and Operating handbooks is a vital activity. Early learning teams need to be on the same page to work effectively. Things get chaotic and confusing when Becky in the toddler room handles biting differently than Tina in the infant room.

Creating, reviewing, or updating policies for Parent, Staff, and Operating handbooks can also be an exhausting, daunting, draining task. Our goal is to make it a little easier by offering up some thoughts and considerations on each policy as well as a variety of samples.

Policy creation and revision can feel overwhelming.

In each of of our sample policy posts, you’ll find an overview of the policy, some considerations for writing your own policy, and cited examples from real programs around the world. This is a work in progress, so if the policy you’re looking for isn’t posted yet, stay tuned. If you’re not that patient, contact us and we’ll put it in the pipeline.

We hope to refine and update existing posts as time allows.

We also want feedback from site users about each policy. Is there something else that should be considered ? Does your program approach a certain policy in an interesting way? Do you have a sample you’d like us to add? All of that can be shared in the comments.

The comments can also be used to ask questions and start conversations. One thing that makes working with policies a bit easier is being connected to others who are doing the same thing.

A couple notes:

  • Sample policies will live at playvolutionhq.com/policies and be listed alphabetically until we figure out a more effective way to organize them. They will also be searchable and we will do our best to add meaningful tags. Our goal is for you to find what your looking quickly and efficiently.
  • These posts are not intended to be copied and pasted. Instead, they’re made for you to read and think about, and then pull inspiration from as you write a policy unique to your program.
  • These pages are not endorsed or affiliated with any of the schools that we share examples from, unless explicitly stated. All of these examples were found through publicly available methods.
  • These pages are not the end-all, be-all of making a handbook. They’re a starting point, and we hope they generate thought and conversation.

This project is spearheaded by Samantha, a Playvolution HQ user and generally nerdy person. You can contact her at studentcommateacher@gmail.com. Jeff, head honcho of Playvolution HQ and Explorations Early Learning helps out a bit too. You can reach him here.

Have a Parent, Staff, or Operating handbook you’d like to share with us for use in our policy samples? You can upload PDFs here.

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Student, teacher.

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