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Licensing Regulations | Indiana
Licensing Regulations | Indiana

Licensing Regulations

470 IAC 3-1.1 Rule 1.1 Child Care Homes-Date 07/01/2013

470 IAC 3-4.8 Rule 4.8 Emergency or Temporary Closure of Child Care Centers and Child Care Homes-07/01/2013

470 IAC 3-4.7 Rule 4.7 Child Care Centers; Licensing-07/01/2013

470 IAC 3-4.6 Rule 4.6 School Age Child Care Program-07/01/2013

470 IAC 3-1.3 Rule 1.3 Class II Child Care Homes-07/01/2013

470 IAC 3-1.2 Rule 1.2 Infant and Toddler Services in a Child Care Home-07/01/2013

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