QA_0126 When can we cut that nap?

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Here I am today, in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, attempting to fulfill my mission of conserving childhood. I am well-versed in child development, progressive education, and play. I consider myself a constructivist teacher, meaning I give my students all the trust and tools they need to construct their own learning. I also get googly-eyed for all things John Dewey, and am an educational philosophy nerd.

I am a play advocate for grown-ups and littles alike, and I strive to treat adult learners with the same respect I gives the children in my care.

Kristen Peterson is the founding director of a nature and forest preschool in Minnesota. She believes in dirty bathtubs, bare feet, and considers herself a play detective. She has 40 chickens, a goat, two dogs, a cat, two hissing beetles and four children. She loves to travel, inspire others in all things play and nature, and she is a creative mastermind. Even more creative than Jeff.