Early Learning Today (02-12-2020) DIY Sidewalk Chalk

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In this this episode, Tasha joins me to talk about the DIY sidewalk chalk she’s been test driving in the Explorations Early Learning Intergalactic Headquarters Test Kitchens.

Here is a link to the sidewalk chalk DIY and here are links to the chalkboard signs and panels mentioned in the episode.

Thanks for listening!

You’ll find the archive of past episodes here.

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Jeff is an early learning speaker, toymaker, podcaster, content creator, author, and founder of Playvolution HQ who is really bad at getting his picture taken.

After nearly 30 years working in early learning programs, Tasha now devotes her time to making Explorations Early Learning and Playvolution HQ work, quilting, and taking care of her pet duck, Tape.

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