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The Child Care Bar And Grill has been around for over 500 episodes and has been heard all over the world.

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Jeff is an early learning speaker, toymaker, podcaster, content creator, author, and founder of Playvolution HQ who is really bad at getting his picture taken.

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Disappointed with the podcast. There’s too much cursing which wouldn’t be a big deal if it was actually meaningful and informative but it’s not. Listened to my first episode l, excited to find a new podcast (back to school)…. and I learned nothing and was annoyed the whole time. I tried to like it but I couldn’t. Disappointed

Amy Faith Becenti

Hihi! I’ve been searching for that one episode (it may have been a two parter) where you share your thoughts and reactions to a speaker who discusses “what is school for?” Quite in character for me I’ve forgotten all signifying information.

Love your podcast! It helps me feel like I’m not the sole inhabitant of Crazy Island. – A

Tessie Ragan

I really love this podcast. I sound like Minnie mouse with the mouth of a sailor and it’s fun listening to people who have the same kind mouth as me and passion for early education. I may not always agree with you (I has lists!! No I don’t I’m lying) but I like how you frame discussions and get me thinking about how I run my program πŸ™‚

Deborah Thurber

If we know about a possible situation with drug use by the parents… wouldn’t we be obligated to call child protection services? They will then be pulled away from us and be put into the system.

Deborah Thurber

Sorry…I thought this was a place to comment of a particular episode. Please delete πŸ™‚

Peggy Miller

Expected to be disappointed but was not! There was the perfect amount (and right kind – Love the F-bomb) of cursing. It is such a relief to hear educated experienced people be REAL. Just discovered the podcast a couple weeks ago and have been on a binge.