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We’ve recently had time for a top to bottom update of our Toy Of The Month Club. Over the years, we’ve built up a interesting and engaging collection of simple (mostly wooden) toys that offer up high-think, low-tech, play. The Toy Of The Month Club came into being as a simple way for parents and early learning programs to share our products with the children in their lives. Here’s a rundown of what the club has to offer and how it works:

How It Works

It’s simple: after subscribing, we’ll start sending your monthly shipments in the order they appear in the images below. If you select a six month subscription, we’ll stop after six shipments. If you select an unlimited subscription, we’ll ship until you get all 72 items or decide to cancel the subscription.

Subscription Options

The first month costs $19.99. After that it’s $28.99 a month (shipping is included). Subscribers can either select an unlimited subscription or opt to subscribe for a limited number of months. You can join here and save 15% each month with the coupon code PLAY HQ.

Other Benefits

Members receive a custom coupon code that’ll save them 20% on all our products. They also get a second code that’ll allow them free registration for our online learning events.


The toys shipped each month are probably best for kids from about 2-7 years in age. (appropriate adult supervision expected–and more necessary for younger children)


You can scroll through this PDF to see what we ship each month:

TOTMC Images 2019 12-24-2019


Subscriptions are currently only available in the United States.

More Info

Check out the Toy Of The Month Club tab on our FAQ page for answers to common questions about the Club and contact us with questions.

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