Understanding And Supporting Weapons Play

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Like it or not, some children are drawn to weapons play. Sticks become light sabers, toast is gnawed into the shape of hand guns, epic battles are always on the horizon.

Heather Shumaker, author of It’s OK Not To Share and It’s OK To Go Up The Slide, and I recently recorded a four episode arc of our Renegade Rules podcast that dives deep into the topic of childhood weapons play.
The first episode is a general overview of the topic, the second looks at Power and Action Play, in the third we discuss good guys, bad guys, and death, and in the final episode of the series we talk about ways to support weapons play. The four episodes add up to a 90 minute dive into the topic.

I’ve embedded the episodes below:

RR_0111 Weapons Play Part 1

RR_0112 Weapons Play Part 2

RR_0113 Weapons Play Part 3

RR_0114 Weapons Play Part 4

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