Games | Hopscotch

Requirements A minimum of 2 people required for an 'official' game. More people is more fun--unless the player would prefer to play alone, in which case solo-hopscotch is perfectly acceptable.A hopscotch court (usually painted on a surface, drawn with chalk, or carved into the dirt with a stick)Markers (stones, coins, short sticks, etc) Objective To … Continue reading Games | Hopscotch

Chasing Games | Blind Man’s Bluff

Requirements A minimum of 3 people. More people is more fun. A blindfold. An open space. Objectives The objective for It is to seek out the other players. The objective for the other players is to confuse the blindfolded person. Play While the rest of the players disperse across the designated play area, the player … Continue reading Chasing Games | Blind Man’s Bluff