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I want to talk to you about respecting the PRE. The PRE is an important part of the learning process. The PRE is prep work. We shouldn’t rush through it or try skipping it.

My wife, Tasha, recently did some painting here at Explorations Early Learning Intergalactic Headquarters. She spent a WEEK on the PRE painting process. Spackling, caulking, sanding, vacuuming up every speck of dust. I wondered if she’d ever crack open the cans of paint. But she understands the importance of the PRE. She didn’t rush and the room looks amazing.

We live in a would were 2 year olds are pushed to think and behave like 3 year olds, where 3 year olds are pushed to think and behave like 5 year olds, and where 5 year olds are pushed to think and behave like 8 year olds. Preschool has become kindergarten and kindergarten has become first grade.

We’re rushing children through their childhoods. We’re disrespecting the PRE. It’s not only developmentally inappropriate, it’s unethical. It’s also making children, parents, and caregivers stressed and anxious.

PRE school has become school. Developing PRE literacy skills has been replaced by a rush to get them reading. Building PRE numeracy skills has become a push to adding and subtracting. On top of all that, we’re expecting children who’ve barely gained control over their own bladders to navigate social interactions like veteran diplomats.

We need to slow down. We need to meet children where they are developmentally and move ahead at the pace they set.

We need to respect the PRE.

(Lisa Murphy and I discuss this topic in this episode of the Child Care Bar And Grill podcast.)

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