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Walking the dogs one afternoon as huge fluffy snowflakes drifted to join their cousins in blanketing the city, I noticed some kids practicing their spelling and penmanship in the fresh blanket of snow as they walked home from school.

They were a few blocks ahead of me forming letters with mittened hands as I walked into the wake of their writing: “BUTT HEAD”, “FUK YOU”, “U R A ASHOLE”, “SCHOOL SUCKS”. 

I immediately flashed back 40 plus years to when I walked home from that same school misspelling cuss words in the snow with friends.

I smiled at the memory of learning to correctly spell all kinds of naughty and dangerous words from older kids by the time I was in second grade although I don’t think I passed a single spelling test from third grade on.

A muffled yell from blocks away snapped me back to the present, “It ends in CK, not K! Spell it right next time, butt head.”

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