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On the shore of Broome Beach in Western Australia, a five-year-old girl is deep in a bit of dramatic play with the Indian Ocean.

She draws lines in the warm sand with a hunk of bleached driftwood, exclaiming, “THIS TIME I MEAN IT! Leave my squiggles alone! I’ve had enough of this behavior.”

The Indian Ocean ignores her demands and erases the squiggles. Hands on hips, she stomps an angry foot at the disobedient ocean and draws more squiggles. She offers the ocean “One more chance” to listen.

It doesn’t.

“I’ve had enough,” she yells, tossing the stick into the churning water, “go to your room. If you can’t listen, I can’t be around you.”

The ocean laps at her toes.

“It’s OK. Mama loves you. I had a hard day.”

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My granddaughter goes to her “talking to the ocean” rock at the beach we frequent (Atlantic Ocean). Now we all go and have a moment (or two) there. <3