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“Excuse me, The Princes Biker needs to pass!”

And pass she did. In a blur of green bike and long pink fairy princess, she zoomed by from behind as I drifted to the right edge of the sidewalk.

At the corner, she stopped, de-biked, turned the bike around, and pedaled toward me. Now I noticed the purple sunglasses, glittery silver streamers trailing from the ends of her handlebars, and black lace-up boots.

“The Princes Biker is passing again!”

I slowed my stroll and deferentially stuck to the edge of the walkway, giving her Royal Highness the room I figured her rank deserved as she zipped past again.

Pedaling on, she disappointedly yells to herself, “No one ever stops and bows when the Princess Biker passes! People don’t know about ed-a-quit!”

I walked on, vowing to behave with more ed-a-quit if I encounter the Biker Princess again.

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