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“Push harder next time, but don’t let me roll into the street again,” the girl–around eight years old–yelled.

Curled in a ball on a broken office chair, two boys pushed her back and forth across an average looking driveway in an average looking neighborhood. In essence, they were playing catch with her. The worn chair’s seat slumped to one side and wobbled as it spun. Because, of course, they were not just pushing her back and forth.

With each push they also gave her a spin–her long hair spinning as she zoomed back and forth. In addition to all of this, the driveway’s slope and Gravity pulled her toward the street with each push. After figuring this out, the boys adjusted the angle of their pushes to accommodate for gravity’s interference.

“Maybe you can let me go toward the street a little,” she directed, “That’ll be more exciting!”

Update: After sharing this post on Facebook, I heard from Susan who described a similar play sighting. She saw two nine-year-old boys sliding a three-year-old on a chair across an iced-over spot in the yard. She wrote, “I was about to stop it but I stepped back and saw how carefully the 3 yr old was holding on. The older kids were also keeping safety in mind as the were all having a blast.”

I love that kids over 250 miles away invented a similar game when given some time, trust, and access to loose parts.

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