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GeeGee and Zwa, were as surprised as I was to see a giant cheeseburger land with a FLUP a few feet in front of us–and more surprised as a happy herd of 7-10 year olds ran after it.

“Sorry about that,” Kid 1 shouted.

“Are they friendly? Can we pet them?” Kid 2 asked.

“We couldn’t find the football,” Kid 3 shared.

“So we’re using this cheeseburger pillow,” added Kid 1.

“I LOVE this husky!” exclaimed Kid 2 as Zwa jumped up and gently placed is paws on the boy’s chest, “he’s so soft and gentle.”

Trying to get the game back on track, Kid 3 yelled, “It’s our ball–I mean burger–on the 40. Let’s go. It’s getting dark.”

As we walked off, Kid 4 observed, “Cheeseburgerball is tougher than football. It’s hard to pass a cheeseburger.”

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