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  • A minimum of 3 people. More people is more fun.
  • An agreed-upon play space.


  • The objective for It is to freeze all the other players.
  • The objective for all the other players is to avoid being frozen for as long as possible.



This is a variation of Freeze Tag. The person designated as It chases the other players with the goal of tagging and freezing each of them. When tagged, players are frozen and must stay still. Frozen players may be unfrozen by another player. To unfreeze someone, a player must touch the frozen person and call out the title of a television show. A title may be used only once per game. The game ends when everyone is frozen or when It gives up.


  • With larger groups, you can designate two or more people as It.
  • Instead of TV tag, play Song tag, Book tag, Movie tag, Cartoon tag, etc.
  • Adjust the size of the play space to meet the needs of the players.1
(Share variations or alternate rules we should include in the comments.)

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  1. based on rules found at
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