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  • A minimum of 2 people. More people is more fun.
  • An agreed-upon play space.


  • The objective for It is to seek out the other players.
  • The objective for the other players is to find a sweet hiding place and avoid being found for as long as possible.


The person designated as It closes their eyes and counts to 20 while the other players find hiding spots. It declares “Ready or not, here I come!” as they finish counting and begins hunting down the hidden players. The game ends when the last player is found or when It gives up.


  • Adjust the number It must count to at the beginning of the game as needed.
  • With larger groups, you can designate two or more people as It.
  • Require that the hidden players must be tagged by the person who is It when they are found.
  • Adjust the size of the play space to meet the needs of the players.1
(Share variations or alternate rules we should include in the comments.)
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