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  • A minimum of 3 people. More people is more fun.
  • A blindfold.
  • An open space.


  • The objective for It is to seek out the other players.
  • The objective for the other players is to confuse the blindfolded person.


While the rest of the players disperse across the designated play area, the player designated as It,  wearing a blindfold, spins in place five times. The person designated It yells “Stop,” as they finish spinning. At this time, the other players must freeze in place and are not allowed to move their feet for the rest of the game.

It must now use their sense of hearing to track down to use his keen sense of hearing to track down the players. Although they can’t move their feet, the other players may move their upper bodies to avoid being found and may mislead It with noises.

The last person located becomes It for the next game.


  • Adjust the number of spins at the beginning of the game as needed.
  • With larger groups, you can have two blindfolded seekers.
  • Play Blind and Deaf Man’s Bluff by having the players stay as quiet as possible
  • Set up some obstetrical in the play space to make seeking more challenging.


Since one player is wearing a blindfold, it’s a good idea to play this game in an area without a lot of traffic or cliffs.1

(Share variations or alternate rules we should include in the comments.)
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