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  • A minimum of 5 people. More people is more fun.
  • An agreed-upon play space.


  • The objective for the two people who start the game as It is to tag all the other players and make them part of the Ameoba.
  • The objective for all the other players is to avoid being tagged and becoming part of the Amoeba.


Two people are designated as It–they are the amoeba. They hold hands and chases the other players, attempting to tag them. When someone is tagged, they join hands and become part of the amoeba. The amoeba can split into even numbered sections at will (separated amoebas can also rejoin at any time). The game continues until everyone is part of the amoeba.


  • With larger groups, you can start the game with two amoebas.
  • Adjust the size of the play space to meet the needs of the players.
(Share variations or alternate rules we should include in the comments.)
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