Category: Block Center Additions

Block Center Addition #38

These hollow blocks are a simple DIY project. They’ll help kids build big structures and are a way to promote large muscle development.

Block Center Addition #33

Like boats and construction equipment, trains will inspire construction in the block area. Add a few trains, step back, and watch the tracks spider web around the room.

Block Center Addition #32

Tools are good props to add to the block play area. We here at Playvolution HQ tend to favor real tools, but they may not be the best choice for the block play area–you don’t want to end up with sliced, diced, and hammered unit blocks.”,Instructional”

Block Center Addition #31

Spray bottles and scrubbing pads can be a fun addition to the block area. A spritz of water or 5 isn’t going to do much damage to wooden blocks, but if you’re worried, limit these props to play with plastic LEGO and Duplo blocks.

Block Center Addition #30

Signs are a fun block play addition. The purchased ones are ok, but you can do better with some simple DIY. The signs the kids make themselves will be personalized to their play.

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