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This action research paper, by Lisa “The Ooey Gooey Lady” Murphy, asks the question Do Preschool Teachers Value Block Play? It may provide some insights if you are interested in better supporting block play in your early learning setting. | Wonky Blocks

Here’s a quick look at our Wonky Blocks. Their available at Explorations Early Learning Toys and easy to make yourself using a bandsaw if you’re

Brick And Spool Blocks

Overview I was fiddling around with some Loose Parts here at the Explorations Early Learning Intergalactic Headquarters Lab the other day when I stumbled upon

Channing Tries It | Domino Blocks

I head from my early learning buddy Kristen (host of the Q&A with T&K podcast) that her daughter, Channing, was really interested in making videos.

Block Center Addition #38

These hollow blocks are a simple DIY project. They’ll help kids build big structures and are a way to promote large muscle development.

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