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I’ve had a lot of new visitors to The Play Coach recently so I thought I would re-introduce myself and let you guys know what I am bringing to the table. The quote above explains my manifesto for adults to support children learning through play. If it sounds like something you want for the children in your care then guess what? It is ALSO something you need in YOUR life. You need to engage more with your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. You need to reflect on your practices in the classroom and how it makes YOU feel. The children should always be at the forefront of your lesson plans, curriculum, classroom management. But you know what else should be at the forefront? YOU. You should feel like you are doing something every single day that impacts children in a positive way that affects them for the rest of their lives. Too often I hear, “Just let them play!” translated to “Just sit back and do nothing and let the kids have at it!” That is not what play is. You are worth more than that – you are a builder of brains!! You are an inspiration to children who may grow up and want to be the president one day. You need to be able to explain why you do what you do and the impact it has in order to bring more professionalism to our field of early childhood education.

If this sounds like an opportunity you want to engage in, to reflect on your own practice and build a force of unstoppable passion around play and children’s learning…connect with me! When you want to just chat about play, set up a consultation for a particular issue, have a coaching inquiry, a play question you would like to discuss or to simply find out more about the training I provide (re: children AND adults!)…you are in the right place! You can use any format you wish – hit me up via email, Facebook, Insta, pigeon carrier, secret message in a bottle…whatever works for you! You can find all my links on pretty much any site where my stuff is. I look forward to hearing from you!

I love talking about play, sharing research and anecdotes about play, using play in my work and home life to improve the overall well-being and happiness of myself and others. PLAY is my super POWER!

I have been playing in the early years childhood education sector since 2003. I love learning with 3-5yr olds using a child-led, project approach heavily influenced by Reggio Emilia, Anna Ephgrave and Peter Gray. I empower others to embrace the joy of children and observe how they lead their own learning when we the adults give them freedom and control. I adore witnessing children’s brains ticking over and how simple things can cause extreme eruptions of giggles. I also use my super powers of play to create joy, teamwork and connection through laughter therapy exercises – for children and adults alike!

I had a great network of friends to support me with my own well-being when I lived in the UK. When I moved from home to the USA, that network was considerably altered in a way I was not anticipating! I have been learning how to look after my own mental health and the discoveries I made (and continue to make!) indicate that play is key – not only for adults, but for children also. I’m using this knowledge, combined with my early childhood expertise, to create an empowered workforce of teachers. Teachers who understand how young children learn, how to support them with their behavior challenges and bring happiness – not stress! – to their classroom every single day.

When children and adults share happy spaces, the happiness ripples spread far and wide! The key to happiness for me is the power of play. Play joins everybody together – from all ages, races, nationalities and cultures. People just like you who are reading this right now. I can coach you using strategies that start where you are on your journey – with your understanding of child development, planning for learning, well-being, your children’s well-being and how to create a classroom that truly WORKS through PLAY.

The Play Coach is available for:
* staff training – play, child-led learning, project approach, loose parts
* staff workshops – team building, laughter wellness, well-being approaches
* consultation – family engagement, teacher coaching, wonder-based classroom set up
* online connection through a platform to provide coaching without you having to leave the comfort of your own home or setting!

Play is children’s work and I believe it should be adult’s work too. Let’s connect and BE the play!

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Emma is The Play Coach who loves everything and anything to do with play. Play is children's work and she thinks it should be adult's work too. Connect with Emma for consultations and trainings that promote wonder, joy and well-being through the power of play.