Lisa’s Book Report Podcast

Lisa's Book Report

Welcome to the Lisa’s Book Report Podcast.

Early Learning author and speaker, Lisa Murphy, shares her reviews, thoughts, and notes on popular early learning books.

This show is no longer in production, but the dozen episodes still offer valuable ideas and insights.

Questions and comments are welcome!

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Lisa Murphy, MEd. created Ooey Gooey Inc. (originally The Learning Through Adventure Company) in 1997 in order to bring high-energy, informative, meaningful, exciting seminars and workshops to the early childhood educational community. And since conducting her first workshop (at a small preschool in San Diego for 15 teachers, where it took her 2 hours to set up and 2 mini-vans to haul all the materials) to some of her recent events in auditoriums that hold 5,000 , she now spends about 300 days a year on the road doing workshops and conferences both domestically and internationally.

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