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A while back I started saving those plastic rolls at the center of GeeGee and Slinky’s poop bags thinking that in bulk they might make interesting loose parts.

Since all the the two of them really do is sleep, destroy perennial plants while playing, and poop, I built up a decent collection of poop bag roll cores quite quickly.

I know some people won’t approve of something called a poop bag core roll as an acceptable item for children to play with since the word poop is in the description. Those people need to chill out. I’ve walked the hounds nearly 3000 miles in the last year and I can attest to the fact that these poop bag core rolls never get near poop if you’re doing it right. Besides, these things can be washed. If you work with someone who would freakout about these things and plan to use them anyway, save yourself some headaches. Call them ‘little plastic tube thingies’ and say you acquired them from ‘a friend who is into recycling”.

Moving on.

The great thing about loose parts is that the people playing with them tend to come up with fun and interesting ways to use them. Unexpected and creative ways you’d never have considered. I’m sure that’ll happen with these things in your program. They can be introduced into the play space in sensory play, dramatic play, water play, or craft projects.

Or maybe you can just plop them into the block play area or add them to some small world play materials.

No matter how you decide to introduce them, kids will figure out ways to make use of them.

One last thing. I mentioned washing them a few paragraphs back. A quick and easy way to do that is to place them in a mesh bag and run them through the dishwasher on the upper rack. These bags are also a great way to store these and other smallish loose parts.

If you try poop bag roll cores as loose parts, I’d love to hear and see how it goes in the comments below–share your comments and photos.

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