How much time per week should I expect to put into a session?

We’d like you to budget at least two hours a week for session-participation. That’s 15-20 minutes a day to consume content shared by the mentor, ask questions, share ideas, and generally play around with new ideas. You can surely put more time in, but investing less time would shortchange you and the other participants.

Where do sessions take place?

Each session will have it’s own secret group on the Playvolution HQ website only accessible by registered participants. After registering for a session you’ll be able to see your group here–it’ll have the same name as your session.

What are some of the benefits of this type of training?

Flexibility—You can check in, consume information, and contribute to discussions as your schedule allows.

Community—Because sessions take place over the course of weeks, you have a chance to connect with other participants and start building relationships. These relationships can last well beyond the last date of the session.

Time to Process—Mentors share new content in small bites that are easy to consume and digest. That means you’re not being overwhelmed with a bunch of new ideas all at once. This format allows time to think, time to ask questions, time to get clarification, and time to understand.

Support—This training model provides participants with an experienced mentor who has their back as they play with new ideas and practices. We’re not just dumping new ideas on you and hitting the road, we’re hanging around and supporting you as you begin implementing those ideas into your practice.

What are the drawback of this type of training?

Fear—This training model requires that participants contribute and that can be scary. It’s a lot less scary to attend a session where you passively consume content. We expect participants to put themselves Out There, and that can be a bit uncomfortable.

Time—Because this training format does not have set times for attendees to sit-down, log-in, and take-part, it is easy, with the ebb and flow of a busy day, to put it off and even forget about participating.

Newness—It’s hard to build new habits. Just the process of logging on to a new website, learning to navigate it, and getting comfortable with a different training format can be mentally exhausting.

What are some steps I can take to make participation in a session successful?

Get Comfortable—Before the session starts, spend some time clicking around on the website. Set up your profile, read some articles, make some comments, make some friends, and generally get used to the site.

Plan to Participate—Plan when you’re going to check in with the group each day so that it does not slip you mind or fall off your schedule.

Be Open—The more open and honest participants are with each other and themselves, the more successful the session will be.

Be Curious—Approach the session with the curiosity of a toddler approaching a butterfly.

Is a minimum number of participants required for a session to take place?

Yes. To run a session, we require at least 5 participants. If fewer than 5 people register for a session, we will cancel and issue refunds. If this happens, the mentor may be available for one-on-one consulting. If that’s something you’re interested in, contact Jeff at [email protected].

Do you offer one-on-one consulting?

We do not have a formal consulting service in place yet, but it’s in the works. If you’re interested in having one of our mentors consult for you or your program, contact Jeff at [email protected].

Do you provide certificates?

After a session concludes we will email each participant a certificate of participation in PDF format that they can download and print.

Will this training count toward my required in-service training?

We don’t know, training requirements vary from location to location. We advise that you check your local requirements.

What do you mean by Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice is a group of people who share a craft, passion, or profession and engage in a process of collective learning.

Why do you use the term Mentor instead of Teach, Instructor, or Expert?

We feel the term Mentor best conveys the position of the people leading our training sessions. They are all people at places on their own professional journeys where they feel compelled to help nurture the professional growth of others in the field.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee for these sessions helps support the site and compensates our Mentors for some of the time and energy they put into the events.

Do you offer any discounts?

For a limited time only, using the coupon code SAVE15 will save you $15 on a session.

I work for an early learning support agency and would like to work with you on providing custom online training sessions for providers in our service area—is that possible?

It sure is! Just contact Jeff at [email protected] and let him know what you’re looking for. There’s a good chance he can pull in a qualified mentor to lead a session on most early learning topics.


I would like to get a session approved in my service area, can you work with me to make that happen?

If you’re willing to figure out the requirements and handle the paperwork side of things, we are more than willing to help collect the information you need. Just contact Jeff at [email protected].

What if I have problems with the Playvolution HQ website, the tech side of things, or anything else?

Just contact Jeff at [email protected].

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