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Pikler/Lóczy USA

PLUSA’s role is to support those interested in implementing Dr. Pikler’s respectful approach to caring for children.

Board Books

A board book is a type of durable children’s book built for curious and less gentle infants and toddlers. These books are printed on thick paperboard–used for both the book’s cover and pages. These books also tend to be smaller in size than standard children’s books which makes them easier for young children to manipulate.

Child Directed Speech

Also known as Motherese, Parentese, Baby Talk, and Infant Directed Speech, child directed speech is a style of speech that adults often use when speaking to infants and young children.

Zero To Three

Zero To Three works to ensure that babies and toddlers benefit from the family and community connections critical to their well-being and development. Healthy connections help build babies’ brains.

Resources For Infant Educarers

Resources for Infant Educarers is a network of infant-toddler professionals who are passionately dedicated to empowering parents and caregiving professionals to provide the secure and respectful beginnings children need for a healthy life.

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