On Tilt

On Tilts

On Tilt is a term of art, originally from the game of poker, that refers to a state of emotional or mental arousal that results in questionable decision making and adoption of less-than-optimal strategy. The term adapts nicely to the world of early learning and can be adopted in reference to both caregivers and children who are emotionally or mentally aroused to the point of making ineffective decisions.

Environmental Print

Environmental Print

The phrase Environmental Print refers to the print that children stumble upon and bump into in the course of their day. It refers to the signs, labels, logos, and other print kids interact with in their community. Things like the sign outside the pizza place the family frequents, the letters and images on their favorite brand of breakfast cereal, the colorful wrapper of their favorite candy, and tens of thousands of words and logos that reach out to them every time they enter a grocery store.


Plop refers to the practice of introducing new materials into an early learning environment by simply placing them in the space for children to discover. This practice is based on the understanding that children are natural explorers drawn to novelty in their environments. 


Craptivity is a descriptive term, used by some in the early learning profession, to describe activities, (often craft projects) that: Focus more on the appearance of the finished product than on the activity’s processAre more teacher-focused than child-focused,Are of questionable developmental appropriatenessFail to meet Gray's Conditions of Play Craptivities often involve a lot of teacher … Continue reading Craptivity