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Drop-In Child Care

Drop-In Child Care is a child care arrangement that tends to take place on an as-needed schedule for a few hours at a time while the child’s parent takes part in a short-term activity. For example, on-site drop-in child care may be available at gyms, resort hotels, community centers, and other locations where the parent remains on the premises.

Regulated Child Care

Regulated Child Care is child care that is required to meet standards set by a state or province’s regulatory system or, in some cases, another

Unregulated Child Care

The phrase Unregulated Child Care refers to child care that is not actively regulated by the state, province, or community in which it takes place.

Sick Child Care

Sick Child Care refers to child care services provided to children who have a mild illness.  Also referred to as Ill Child Care and Mildly Ill

On-Site Child Care

On-Site Child Care is child care located where the child’s parent/guardian works or attends school. The child care facility may be located in the same

Part-Time Child Care

Part-Time Child Care refers to child care that is available for a limited number of days or hours in a given week. There does not seem to

Part-Year Child Care

Part-Year Child Care refers to child care programs that do not operate year round. For example, such a program may only operate during the school year

Center-Based Child Care

Center-Based Child Care is child care that takes place in a facility that is not a home. Center-based programs tend to be regulated and/or licensed

Family Child Care

Family Child Care is child care that takes place in a provider’s home. Also known as In Home Child Care, this type of care is

Kith and Kin Child Care

Kith and Kin Child Care (sometimes referred to as Relative Child Care or Care By Relatives) refers to an informal child care arrangement in which

Military Child Care

Military Child Care is child care for children of military personal that is supported by the Department of Defense. Such care can take place in

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