National Home School Association

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National Home School Association

According to their website, the National Home School Association is a, “dedicated team of seasoned homeschoolers that are determined to maintain the NHSA’s position as the epicenter of the home schooling movement. With a wide variety of talents and experience our team is uniquely positioned and qualified to take on the challenges to unify the millions of widely diverse and fiercely independent homeschool families across the country into a single voice to protect everyones right to homeschool.”

Their top goals are to:

  • Find ways to help make homeschooling easy, fun and rewarding for everyone involved.
  • Help families to make the decision if homeschooling is right for them.
  • Provide parents with the knowledge, confidence and tools needed to help their children learn.
  • Provide homeschoolers with opportunities not currently available on a national level (i.e. Adventure Travel, Talent Showcases, Fundraising Opportunities, Debate, Business Opportunities, Science Fair, Student Council, etc.).
  • Help homeschoolers to safely socialize with each other.
  • Provide parents with one-stop shopping to acquire everything they might need.
  • Help students and parents to find ways to pay for all of the desired educational materials and activities, as well as compensate for lost work of the primary teaching parent, by providing support for home based business ventures.
  • Support and encourage legislative efforts to improve homeschool laws by building an organization big enough to effectively lobby to protect the rights of its members.

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