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Coalition For Responsible Home Education

The Coalition For Responsible Home Education empowers homeschooled children by educating the public and advocating for child-centered, evidence-based policy and practices for families and professionals.

Cooperative Play

The term Cooperative Play refers to social play where the players work together to organize, plan, assign roles, and define rules for their play. This

Defending The Early Years

About Defending the Early Years (DEY) is a non-profit organization working for a just, equitable, and quality early childhood education for every young child. DEY

Associative Play

This is when children play together with similar toys or materials but without organization, direction, or goals. An example of Associative Play would be a

Association For Play Therapy

The mission of APT is to promote the value of play, play therapy, and credentialed play therapists. This is accomplished by advancing the psychosocial development and mental health of all people through play.

Authority Bias 

Authority Bias is “the tendency to attribute greater weight and accuracy to the opinion of an authority figure. This happens whether we believe what they

Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood

CCFC is the leading nonprofit organization committed to helping children thrive in an increasingly commercialized, screen-obsessed culture, and the only organization dedicated to ending marketing to children. Our advocacy is grounded in the overwhelming evidence that child-targeted marketing – and the excessive screen time it encourages – undermines kids’ healthy development.

Child Care Answers

The mission of Child Care Answers is to assure the highest level of early childhood education for children in Central Indiana.

Courtesy Bias

Courtesy Bias “is the tendency that some individuals have of not fully stating their unhappiness with a service or product because of a desire not

Attribution Bias

Attribution Bias is a cognitive bias referring “to the systematic errors that a person makes when they try to find reasons for their own behaviors

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