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Brian Cambourne is an Australian researcher and associate professor and head of the Language, Learning, and Literacy Unit at the University of Wollongong. 1

His research primarily focuses on professional development for literacy education. Cambourne developed the following seven Conditions of Learning. These are typically applied to literacy skills, but can cross to other content areas.

Additional resources:

  • More applications of the Conditions of Learning
  • Conditions of Literacy Learning webinar with Cambourne
  • List of works by Cambourne
  • More literacy education articles

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Josie is an early childhood educator turned children's librarian from Kansas City, MO. When she's not promoting play and early literacy, she loves to spend time with her family and travel. During her rare moments of free time, you can find Josie curled up with a cat and a good book. Feel free to reach out to her with early literacy questions or ask for book recommendations.


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