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Bob Hughes is a playworker, writer, and lecturer. More on Bob from an online bio..

Bob Hughes runs Play Education and has been a playworker since 1970. He has lectured all over the world and currently works as a playwork writer, trainer and researcher. He was the first managing editor of the International Play Journal and was awarded a prize winning MA in Playwork Development Studies in 2001.

Bob is the author of numerous books and papers including The First Claim … a framework for playwork quality assessment, A Playworker’s Taxonomy of Play Types, Play Environment: A Question of Quality, Evolutionary Playwork and Reflective Analytic Practice, and PlayTypes: Speculations and Possibilities. He has also contributed Chapters in Fraser Brown’s Playwork Theory and Practice and Jambor and Van Gils’ Several Perspectives on Children’s Play.

IPA 2011 Conference Bio

Bob is probably best known for his 16 Play Types that come in handy for both play researchers and facilitators.


Some video of Bob speaking at the 2011 International Play Association Conference in Wales:

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